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Tanya James, Intern

Tanya James has completed her master’s degree in organizational psychology and family counselling in India. Currently, she is working with ARCH Psychological Services as an Intern in order to broaden her scope of practice in clinical psychology, including counselling, therapy, and assessment, whilst she is completing coursework in clinical psychology, which will allow her to register as a psychologist in the province of Alberta. In her approach to her clients, Tanya contributes with her knowledge, skills, and experience in working with diverse cultural backgrounds. As such, she feels passionate about being able to provide culturally sensitive services, especially in the context of South Asian communities. Additionally, she has a particular interest in working with children and young adults who are experiencing mental health issues related to trauma, anxiety, depression, and trauma. Additionally, of special interest to Tanya is working with parents and families, helping to address interpersonal and parenting problems that might require them to reach out to a professional. Tanya’s therapeutic approach is mainly integrative, as she strives to work collaboratively with her clients to identify their unique needs, goals, and preferences for treatment. As such, she prioritizes establishing a strong and safe therapeutic relationship with her clients, which she finds to be essential for the effective provision of any psychological services. She aims to establish a trustworthy, empathetic, relationship with her clients. T hrough this relationship, Tanya strives to assist her clients to navigate life’s challenges and supports them as they move forward on their journeys. Tanya is available to see clients in Edmonton in person or by Telehealth services. Tanya would be working under the supervision of Registered Clinical and Forensic Psychologist, Ms Hilda Huj.
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