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Khadijah Mohammed, Mental Health Therapist
Khadijah is a dedicated mental health therapist who earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at Concordia University of Edmonton, and a Master of Counselling in 2023 from City University of Seattle. Khadijah is currently in the process of transitioning into a registered provisional psychologist. With a passion for providing a wide range of therapeutic support to individuals from diverse backgrounds, Khadijah’s commitment to her clients is evident through an empathetic approach, active listening skills, and unwavering patience. Khadijah possesses a genuine desire to help others navigate their emotional challenges and a deep understanding of various therapeutic techniques. Khadijah excels in creating a safe and non-judgmental space and fostering trust. Her therapeutic style is characterized by its eclecticism, allowing her to tailor each session to the unique needs of her clients. Khadijah is committed to inspiring hope and resilience in others and can provide support and guidance that empowers her clients to make positive changes in their lives. Khadijah also provides a broad spectrum of assessments, ensuring clients receive comprehensive evaluations suited to their specific psychological and emotional needs.
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Khadijah Mohammed Mental Health Therapist
Khadijah has completed her coursework for the Master of Counselling program at City University of Seattle and will be working as a Mental Health Therapist until she registers as a Provisional Psychologist. In therapy, Khadijah utilizes an integrative approach as appropriate for each individual clients needs and goals. Khadijah’s lived experiences have enabled her to understand and to relate meaningfully with people from various cultural backgrounds. She believes in the importance of being sensitive to the client’s background and personal experiences when providing care. Through cultural awareness, more meaningful care can be provided to the client. Khadijah believes the therapeutic relationship is essential for positive therapeutic outcomes and growth in her counselling. She strives to create a trusting, compassionate, respectful, and non- judgmental relationship with her clients. Khadijah is dedicated to helping children, adolescents and adults work through a broad spectrum of mental health challenges. She is passionate about collaborating with clients to work through depression, anxiety, grief and loss, self-esteem, coping mechanisms, relationships, and personality disorders. Khadijah is available in Edmonton and surrounding areas to see clients of all ages in person or by Telehealth. Khadijah is working under the supervision of Registered Clinical and Forensic Psychologist, Ms. Hilda Huj.