Mental Health Consumers Bill of Rights We also subscribe to and support the "Mental Health Consumers Bill of Rights". Mental Health Consumer organizations have declared:     We need to be accepted and welcomed, respected and valued as human beings     We deserve tolerance and hope     We need to have our talents recognized     We must set our own goals     We should have hope for meeting realistic expectations     We must learn that we can change, we can contribute, we can recover     We need services for our basic needs, warm human contacts, independence, free choice and security in our environment     We deserve equal pay for work of equal value and freedom from exploitation     We need to be a partner in determining our treatment.  We are the most experienced about our illness and have a valid, even expert point of view     We must participate in mutual information sharing with our providers     We should be included in all aspects of treatment     We deserve therapy relationships that aren't shattered by turnover     We need therapeutic relationships, day programs, hospital and community care that empowers us, the mental consumers     We must hold the system accountable for its performance     We need to set our own limits     We need to be free of intimidation and coercion about our drug/treatment options     We have a right to be assertive, the right to voice our opinions without retaliation     We have a right to choose, a right to say no, a right to be "non-compliant" about drug/treatment options we disdain     If we fail, let us fail but don't let the mental health system fail us.
If in doubt call... If you have a question about our services please call Many questions arise for individuals considering psychological services. It isn’t possible to answer them all on a website. If you have a question please call and we’ll try to answer it. 780.428.9223   
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You may contact ARCH Psychological Services using the form to the left. We can only respond to general enquiries through the website. For assistance with personal questions please contact us to make an appointment with one of our psychologists. In an emergency, contact your local emergency response service (e.g., typically by dialing "911" in Canada)
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