ARCH TeleHealth Psychological Services - Bridging the Distance Overview Psychology has been helping people solve lifestyle problems since the late 1800's.  With the availability of video conferencing technology in most urban and small town areas, as well as in remote northern communities, effective and timely psychological assistance is available across the province. Most hospitals, mental health offices, post-secondary educational institutions, as well as a great number of First Nations Health Centres and corporate offices have installed secure closed circuit video conferencing equipment. ARCH Psychological Services, a private practice established in 1987, has maintained a commitment to better serve rural and northern communities.  ARCH has delivered services to many communities. We have been involved in the development of a program within Aboriginal communities designed to bring healing and restoration to victims and the communities. In July 2010 we opened a local office in High Prairie to serve the Lesser Slave Lake region. We are also committed to making the best use of available technologies. ARCH is equipped to work with local health care professionals and resources in a consultative process that provides experienced professional psychological services to distant locations.  Secure video conferencing technology is an optimum means of making consultation and treatment accessible to isolated areas. Process Psychological services can be arranged in cooperation with local health care resources or directly with ARCH Psychological. Psychological services can be arranged personally by identifying your local video conference host agency and then phoning ARCH at (780) 428-9223 to arrange a session. Professional consultation is available by calling ARCH and speaking to one of our senior psychologists.  A video conferencing session can then be arranged at a mutually convenient time. ARCH TeleHealth Psychology can also provide professional training for front-line workers in a variety of interest areas.  Critical incident debriefing and crisis intervention can also be arranged through our office. Consider Psychological TeleHealth Services When You Need to Obtain     Increased client access to psychological services     Elimination of travel costs     Reduced time and disruption involved in client travel     Improved case management through consultation/case conferencing     Improved continuity of care     Improved access to education     Reduced professional isolation TeleHealth Psychology Services Offered by ARCH     Psychological consultation, intervention and case management     Program development     Interventions addressing family law issues     Aboriginal community treatment program development     Education and training Technology Can Help Bridge the Distance     Ideal for rural and remote communities     Ideal for medical professionals, school districts, counseling agencies and mental health clinics     ideal for supervision and case management Specifications     Polycom Viewstation and Camera     Compatible with common standards     Up to 30 fps at 768 Kbps     Dial-in on secure ISDN or telephone lines
If in doubt call... If you have a question about our services please call Many questions arise for individuals considering psychological services. It isn’t possible to answer them all on a website. If you have a question please call and we’ll try to answer it. 780.428.9223   
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You may contact ARCH Psychological Services using the form to the left. We can only respond to general enquiries through the website. For assistance with personal questions please contact us to make an appointment with one of our psychologists. In an emergency, contact your local emergency response service (e.g., typically by dialing "911" in Canada)
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