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You know you’re STRESSED!…(we do too…) The “wear and tear” of stress is a part of every person’s life. Is it time to do something about it? If you are experiencing stress symptoms you have gone past your optimum stress level – you need to reduce the stress in your life and improve your ability to manage it. There are effective tools that any individual can learn and apply that will help manage the stress in their lives. StressCHECK is a process of individual consultations or brief workshops. We help you map the sources of stress in your life and develop effective, drug-free and personalized solutions. Take the next step. Get more information. Make an appointment. Register for a workshop. StressCHECK consultations and workshops are tailored to the specific needs of individuals or workplace groups. Call Stasia Lucki, MPsych, RPsych at 780.428.9223 for details. Resources Manage Stress - TIP SHEET (FREE) (open or download) Helpful tips - recognizing and managing the stress in your life. Stress in the Workplace     (movie)  View a short Psychologists' Association of Alberta movie (30 sec.) about workplace stress.  
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