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Stasia Lucki is trained as a clinical psychologist. She has over twenty years of very broadly based professional experience as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist in the province of Alberta. She has had experience in in-patient and out- patient mental health programs, managed province-wide EAP programs, undertaken forensic assessments of violent offenders, developed group intervention modules for chronic disease management, led children’s mental programs for school aged children and provided individual and group psychotherapy to adults, youth and children dealing with complex mental health related issues. Stasia will work with young children, youth and adults experiencing anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties and a broad range of concerns but particularly focuses on issues of trauma, attachment and their impact on development, relationships and personal functioning. She holds advanced level training in EMDR, play therapy and is a skilled practitioner of other therapeutic modalities. Usługi dostępne w jęyzku polskim... She can be reached at 780-428-9223. Email:
Stasia Lucki, MPsych, RPsych
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