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StressCHECK Workshops, individual consultation and counselling to help you manage workplace (and not only!) STRESS.
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An Overview of Psychological Services at ARCH ARCH Psychological Services is a full-service psychological practice. We offer a broad range of services from early childhood to old age, from difficulties of every day life to treatment of serious and long-standing psychological disorders. The following provides a sample of the services that ARCH Psychologists can provide: Comprehensive Psychological Services including Psychotherapy - Adult, Adolescent, Marital and Family Resolving the impacts of trauma and abuse Healing Residential School issues Victims of Crime Full Psychological Assessements including Criminal charges, civil litigation, employment and disability Divorce, custody and access Parenting and child welfare Competency, guardianship and trusteeship Comprehensive assessments of children and adolescents Specialized Psychological Services ARCH Psychological Services has developed specialized expertise and service options for individuals dealing with complex psychological issues before the courts. ARCH Psychologists have been accepted as expert witnesses in criminal, civil, criminal injury, sexual abuse, custody/access and child welfare matters in both the lower and higher courts in Alberta and are frequently retained to provide independent psychological assessments in complex cases. Each matter is unique and are approach is always thorough and tailored to the specific circumstances. Talk to us about o Assessment and treatment of post-traumatic stress including after childhood sexual abuse o Bilateral assessments and Interventions in high-conflict divorce, custody and access disputes o Expert independent psychological assessments in family law, civil law, criminal injury and criminal cases o Assessment of testamentary capacity and competency o Assessment and treatment for former Indian Residential School students o Comprehensive psychological/neuropsychological assessments of children and adolescents
ARCH offers services to help families during the hardship of separation or divorce.  There is therapy available for the single family, blended family and more.  In addition, we offer services for families to help determine custody and access arrangements.  Our assessing psychologists report with recommendations that speak to the developmental, emotional and physical needs of the children involved.  Please see our Custody/Access page for options and dispute solutions.
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PN 7
ARCH Psychologists have been trained and listed on the Alberta Courts website as qualified experts to provide “Practice Note 7” interventions and assessments in high-conflict family law disputes. ARCH psychologists will work with Court of Queen’s Bench Justices, counsel, and the parties to ensure that appropriate interventions or assessments are ordered and provided to help resolve family law disputes in the best interests of the children. Some Alberta Courts utilize a similar ‘parent coordination model”.
TeleHealth Psychology Services ARCH utilizes secure closed circuit videoconferencing technology to Bridge the Distance. Psychological consultation, intervention and educational services is available to health care providers, clients and community agencies in distant locations. TeleHealth Psychology is an effective and cost-effective solution in many cases.
Bleeding for Help: Teen Self-Harm Workshops, treatment interventions and consultation to parents and teachers to aimed helping understand, prevent and effectively help Teens who cut or self-harm. Services are available to teens, parents andf techers and for families.
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