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Bleeding for Help: Teen Self-Harm The Do’s & Don’ts Information for Parents and Teachers
Amanda Baird, Registered Psychologist, invites parents and teachers to an evening of information about youth self-harm.  Learn: How does self-harm differ from suicide?  Why self-harm is not just a manipulative “cry for help” What is the youth self-harm subculture?  When does “emo” mean “emo?” How our natural reactions to self-harm can worsen outcomes How parents and teachers can detect and help a youth who self-harms When is professional intervention advised? Attending this session will not only help parents and teachers become informed, but also serve as a gateway to any needed services.  Time for discussion and questions is included.  Call to inquire about individual consultation or group presentations. Free registration: Please call 780.428.9223 Please provide contact information
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