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High Stakes Psychological Challenge The king is holding three prisoners in a cell. He decides to free one and execute the other two. He enters the cell and tells the prisoners “I have a pouch with 5 Bandaids, 3 white, 2 black. I will place one at random on each of your foreheads. The first one to emerge from the cell with the right answer will live and the other two will die.” He binds the prisoners’ hands behind their back and blindfolds them while he applies the Bandaids. He then removes the blindfolds and leaves the cell with the door open. You are prisoner A. You see white Bandaids on B and C. There are no reflective surfaces. Purely on the basis of observation and logic you must determine the colour of your own BandAid. What colour is it and how do you arrive at your answer? Think fast! We want to hear your solutions! Email us at arch@archpsychological.com
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