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Mr. Patrick Schiller is a provisionally registered Psychologist in the province of Alberta.  He completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Honours Psychology at MacEwan University in 2011 and earned his Master of Education in Counselling Psychology at the University of Alberta in 2014.  Patrick has lived in Edmonton and St. Albert his entire life and loves contributing to the good of the Edmonton community through volunteer efforts and professional mental health services. Patrick received advanced training in counselling and psychological assessment through internships at the University of Alberta Mental Health Centre, and the Department of Clinical Services.  He worked as a forensic counsellor for Alberta Health Services while studying and has a wealth of experience volunteering for community organizations in Edmonton.  Patrick is inspired by the person-centered approach to therapy and is dedicated to making therapy valuable and meaningful for each individual he meets with.  In therapy Patrick works with great care to ensure that each person he meets has the opportunity to be heard in a safe, warm, and nurturing therapeutic relationship.  From this starting point Patrick works with clients towards personal growth and healing.  Patrick believes that therapy should be directed towards the goals of his clients and that each appointment should be marked by progress towards these goals; he collaborates with clients to establish and monitor attainable therapeutic goals.  Patrick offers services for a wide range of client concerns including: relationship concerns (marriage and intimate relationships, friendship, workplace, parental and family relationships) career and vocational questions including change of career, workplace tension, procrastination and self management self-harming behaviour (suicidal thoughts or obsessive thoughts about death) and self destructive behaviours such as cutting. existential concerns (exploring the meaning of existence, the purpose of life and the inevitability of death) spiritual concerns (faith based counselling for individuals of all faith backgrounds) depression, sadness, inability to experience pleasure or happiness grief and bereavement related to loss of a loved one or other types of loss anxiety, social anxiety and worry addictions issues (media, pornography, alcohol and drug)   He can be reached at 780-428-9223. Email:
Patrick Schiller, MEd
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