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Mrs. Kirthana Ramani is a Provisionally Registered Psychologist in the province of Alberta. She completed her Masters in Psychology (Clinical) from Christ University, Bangalore, India in 2014 and has subsequently equated her academic credentials to Canadian standards. Kirthana has recently migrated to Edmonton following her marriage, and is enjoying the novelty of a new culture and place, having adjusted easily thanks to abundant family support. Kirthana has been a valuable member of the Clinical psychology team at two hospitals in India, serving as a part of their Psychiatry Department. She has worked with a variety of clients, and particularly enjoys working with children. On coming to Canada, she took the first opportunity to volunteer at a child, adolescent and family mental health centre, to understand the culture, the people, and their concerns. Kirthana has a deep interest in alternative healing methodologies like hypnotherapy, progressive muscular relaxation, positive affirmations and energy healing, and believes that when used in conjunction with traditional treatment methods, they can be highly effective and produce quick results. She adopts a person centred orientation to therapy, and also uses cognitive- behavioural approaches. Kirthana enjoys conducting assessments, and takes great care in doing this, as she finds that it can provide good insights and guide the treatment process. Kirthana speaks fluent English and Tamil, and can also speak Kannada and Hindi. Coming from a multicultural background, she is able to appreciate the importance of embracing cultural diversity and uniqueness. Kirthana strives to build a strong therapeutic relationship, and hopes to guide and help her clients to search within and find their own answers and insights. She can be reached at 780-428-9223. Email:
Kirthana Ramani, M.Sc.
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