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Ms. Baird is a native of Gaspe, Quebec and is fluently bilingual in English and French (she is available to provide services in both languages).  After completing her CEGEP program, she enrolled at the University of Ottawa in Psychology and Criminology earning her Bachelor of Arts in 2008. She then completed the graduate program in Forensic Psychology at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice at the City University of New York (CUNY), the only College in the US with a criminal justice focus. She earned her Master’s degree in 2010 on the basis of her research into the inter-rater reliability of the Static-99, a risk assessment measure for sexual offenders. Overall, Ms. Baird provides services in the areas of clinical and forensic psychology with adults, adolescents and families with special emphasis on psycho-legal evaluations.  She adopts a multifaceted approach with a strong belief that therapy is not a cookie cutter process, but rather a dynamic and individual one.  Accordingly, she adopts a therapeutic role as you heal at your own pace, in a safe and confidential setting in which people can resolve inner pain, relationship conflict or situational stress without the expectation of what such a process “should" look like.      Clinically, her areas of practice include psychotherapy with youth who experience behavioural and mental health issues, as well as adult populations who may require support for wide range of concerns (i.e. couples support, addictions services, domestic violence).  For example, Ms. Baird has worked closely with Native people for many years by respecting their culture and marrying this to psychology in a way that works for the individual.  With a holistic focus and an emphasis on personal growth and development, she is equipped to service those clients who experience other therapeutic issues requiring intensive treatment, such as those individuals who have difficulties with personality disorders, eating disorders, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, employment-related difficulties, brain dysfunction, and sexual trauma, or who are in need of assessments (i.e. parenting, psychoeducational, concussions) and consultation.  Forensically, her private practice includes assessing and providing therapy to individuals involved in the Criminal Justice System for violent crimes (i.e. assault, sexual assault, murder), non-violent crimes, civil litigation (i.e. Victims of Crime), and those involved in Family Court proceedings (i.e. Practice Note 7 interventions, Practice Note 8 assessments and Voice of the Child assessments).  As a result of her experience in the specialized field of Forensic Psychology and her testimony experience, she has been deemed an expert witness by the Courts.     She can be reached at 780-428-9223. Email: Nos services psychologiques sont disponables en français. Cliquez ici
Amanda Baird, MA Forensic Psych, RPsych
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