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Psychological Services at ARCH  We’re here to work with you through life’s most difficult times. ARCH Psychological Services is a full-service clinical/counselling, and forensic psychology practice. What this means is that our team of experienced psychologists can provide a broad range of professional services to assist you, and your family with the difficulties you may encounter. We assist children, adults, couples and families whenever psychological difficulties arise. We assess and treat the range of mental health symptoms people experience including depression, anxiety, the impact of traumatic life events, and other mental health concerns from childhood to old age. Mental health symptoms are common and treatable. Call for a consultation. At ARCH we have commitment to provide comprehensive services in difficult and complex matters. We have developed a range of Specialized Services to provide: Treatment of post-traumatic stress including after childhood  sexual abuse Interventions in high-conflict divorce, custody and access disputes Expert independent psychological assessments in family law, civil law, criminal and criminal injury cases Assessment and treatment for former Indian Residential School students Comprehensive psychological/neuropsychological assessments of children and adolescents These are only some examples of the services we offer. Services are always tailored to meet individual needs. You may choose which psychologist at ARCH you wish to see, and we will work with you to match your needs to the expertise and the availability of our professional staff so that you receive the right services in the most timely way.  Times of crisis are special opportunities for healing, change and growth. Talk to someone who can help! 
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