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Davis Tharayil, PhD

Davis   Tarayil   is   a   Provisionally   Registered   Psychologist   in   the   province   of   Alberta.   After   MA.   Education   in Guidance   and   Counselling   and   MA   &   PhD   degrees   in   Clinical   Psychology   and   Diploma   in   Clinical   Hypnotherapy, Dr.   Davis’s   accomplishments   in   teaching   psychology,   research,   counselling   and   psychotherapy   more   than   12   years have   prepared   him   to   provide   clients   friendly,   effective,   and   affordable   assessment   and   therapy.   As   a   Provisional Registered   Psychologist,   Dr.   Davis   facilitates   long   term   therapeutic   change   in   individuals   and   couples   who   wish   to thrive   despite   challenges   in   life.   Strong   ethically   based   and   compassionate   caring   of   clients   to   achieve   their   optimal psychosocial,   academic,   and   occupational   functioning   is   everything   for   Dr.   Davis. A   person's   spirituality,   faith,   and cultural values are included in the treatment plan if the client is interested. Dr.   Davis   provides   treatment   for   depression,   anxiety,   psychological   components   of   chronic   pain,   abuse,   trauma   and PTSD,   addictions,   angry   acting   out,   marital   conflict,   grief,   stress,   burnout,   self-esteem,   and   personality   challenges by unleashing individual’s positive strengths. Life   has   never   been   easy   for   many   people   due   to   several   challenges.   People   have   a   great   deal   of   ability   to   cope   with life’s challenges. Dr. Davis wants to work together with his clients to achieve their goals.
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Davis Tarayil, PhD
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Mitchell       Loepp       is       a       provisionally       registered Psychologist   in   the   province   of   Alberta.   He   completed   a Bachelor    of    Arts    degree    in    Psychology    at    Concordia University   of   Edmonton   in   2009,   and   a   Master   of   Arts degree   in   Child   Clinical   Psychology   from   the   University of Windsor in 2015. Mitchell   received   clinical   training   in   both   therapy   and psychological     assessment     from     the     Psychological Services      Research      Centre      in      Windsor,      Ontario. Hebrings   over   10   years   of   experience   of   working   with children   and   their   families   in   the   mental   health   field. Mitchell   also   travelled   to   Europe   and   New   Zealand   as   a volunteer    to    gain    experience    in    treating    substance abuse   and   mood   disorders   from   a   spiritual   community life   modality   based   on   work   therapy   and   re-discovering purpose. In      therapy,      Mitchell      adopts      a      person-centered approach     with     cognitive-behavioural     strategies.     He emphasizes    a    discovery-orientated    approach    for    his clients   as   they   explore   their   inner-world   and   use   their strengths   to   achieve   a   higher   level   of   independence and   congruence.   In   this   way,   clients   are   able   to   achieve the   goals   they   have   set   for   themselves   based   on   the level   of   direction   and   support   required   throughout   the therapy    process.    Mitchell    strives    to    build    a    strong therapeutic    relationship    with    his    clients    based    on warmth, trust, and feeling understood.  

Mitchell Loepp, MEd

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